The Eglu

The EgluCube

Join “The Good Life”

By keeping a few hens in your garden you could be collecting fresh tasty eggs from your own happy hens AND gaining excellent fertiliser for your veg plot at the same time. The latest easy clean, smart housing units make henkeeping so easy and keep Mr Fox out. Here at Hens Made Easy we offer the complete starter kit all delivered to your door... everything you need to get started with the good life. It really is that simple. For those new to henkeeping we set you up and, most importantly, offer ongoing support - help and advice is just a phonecall or email away. It’s fun, always interesting and a great hobby that involves the whole family.

The Eglu & EgluCube Housing System

The award winning fox proof design not only makes your hen house and run an attractive garden feature... it takes away the messy side! The Eglu (and its big brother the Cube) is amazingly easy to clean and maintain - with an easily accessible slide out dropping tray, a grub & glug system that avoids spillage and waste, the Eglu is the perfect solution to quick and easy hen keeping.

Not Enough Space? Of course You Have!

Anyone can keep hens now – even rooftop Eglus in London... or so I’ve heard! You can opt for a permanent site or move them around your garden in a matter of minutes, either way the hens stay happy.

We Can Make it Easy for You.....

Just contact us to arrange a visit to our small holding where you can see lots of Eglus, in all their rainbow colours, and try some hands on action with hens for yourself.