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Welcome to South Dron!  This is a haven for hens, and a peace of mind for you when you’re heading off on your holidays.   Here we have a huge field with many hen “holiday cottages”,  your hens will have space to roam, feel the sun on their feathers, and be safe from Mr Fox!

We are here on hand to look after their every need so they will be fed and watered and kept healthy for your return.  Your flock will be kept together, so it will just be like a home from home.   The big question every one asks…. how much?  And the next question is…. how do I book?   So here’s all you need to know…. 


Small Coop/Eglu (up to 4 hens) : £30 per week (minimum charge for boarding is £30 as coups require cleaning even if boarding period is shorter )
Large EgluCube (5 – 10 hens) : £50 per week (minimum charge for boarding is £50 as coups require cleaning even if boarding period is shorter )

Payment is by Cash or Cheque (made payable to J Scott) and is at the end of the boarding period on collection of your hens.


Please contact us to check the dates you require are available, and we will get your hens booked in.  Yes, it’s that simple!


  • CALL US – A few days before you are due to drop your hens off, please contact us and we can agree your drop off time.  If for any reason, we cannot meet you at the required time, we can advise you of the colour and location of your hens holiday home and you can pop your hens in and head off on your break.   Ideally we would prefer to meet you here, particularly if it’s your hens first visit, but the drop off works well when that meet up proves difficult.
  • LICE – For the welfare of both our own stock on site and your hens, we ask you to check your hens for lice prior to their arrival here.  You should part their feathers at the vent area and look closely at the base of their feathers for wee orange lice scuttling around and/or lice balls.  If required, powder accordingly.   If they arrive with lice, we will powder and use drops but this will incur an additional £15 charge.
  • SCALY LEG – Treat your hens if they have scaly leg problems (use scaly leg spray).
  • WORMING – Ensure your hens have been wormed recently.  The easiest way is to use Marriage’s Layers pellets containing flubenvet fed for one week, or you can follow a preventative regime, e.g. VermX granules given with feed 3 days consecutively every month.  If you haven’t wormed them, we can do this for you, by feeding them the special medicated layers pellets for the first week of their stay (this does not affect their eggs).  This service would be an additional £10 / £15 for small or large flocks respectively.


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