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Feed & Health Supplies

We have lots of supplies here at Hens Made Easy, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please just ask as we may have it or may be able to advise of alternatives.   From simple feed products, bedding and the all essential health supplies, we have it all, AND, can advise on how to use it all.

A few of our products are listed below along with the current prices.   Please just contact us if you would like to order from us.


Starter Feed Pack - £20

Assuming you are feeding 3 hens, this pack should feed your feathered friends for approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

Layers Pellets – 20kg sack – regular feed

Mixed corn – small bag – maximum of one handful between your birds each day for an afternoon scratch feed

Oystershell/Mixed Grit – small bag - to put in separate small container in a dry place and refresh occasionally


Taming Treat Dried Mealworms - £5 / £10 / £20

Very useful for taming/making good friends with your hens

Available in different size bags: £5, £10 or a bumper bag £20


Apple Cider Vinegar with Garlic - £8

Add to water either one week in 4 week or a couple of days a week

But avoid adding this to their water every day


Wood Shavings Bedding - £10

Use on the coop floor and in the nesting boxes to give your hens a comfy clean bed


Red Mite Treatment - From £20

Its essential to keep your hen free from bugs and mites.

We can supply Diatomaceous Earth which is a prevention/control powder. It is available in various sizes.

We also supply a starter Red Mite Promo Trial Pack £20 containing 3 items:

Diatom powder

Aerosol Total Mite Kill spray

Liquid TMK spray

A helpful info leaflet is included in the trial pack

Larger tubs of Diatom are available once you are set up, and have finished the trial pack.


Verm X Granules Tub - £12

An organic approach to worming.

Fed on 3 consecutive days per month

This needs to be mixed in a solid tub with some food they can gobble up

Cannot be added to their daily pellets as it will just fall to bottom of feeder


Disinfectant - £5 / £8

Poultry Shield Spray - £8

Clean n Safe disinfectant spray - £5



Other items are available on request, so if you can't find what you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask