Purebreeds can offer different colour egg shells, the Welsummer for dark brown eggs, White Leghorn and Appenzellers for white shelled eggs , Cream Legbars for pastel blue, Araucanas for blue/green eggs.

Purebreeds do take rests from laying over the darkest winter months, so tend to live longer.

We have White Leghorns, Appenzellers, Cream Legbars, Lavender(and black) Araucanas, Welsummers, Indian Game type that are all hatched right here at South Dron. If you’re looking for some smaller birds, we also have some of the cutest homehatched Bantams and Silkie Crosses… these are guaranteed to make you say “aaaaaw”.

We do add in new breeds from time to time so its always worth contacting us to see what’s available.

Cost – £30 per hen