South Dron

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Egg Collecting

A Bit About Us

We live on a 3 acre site, South Dron Smallholding, just outside Dairsie village which is halfway between Cupar and St.Andrews. I have always loved keeping hens and now feel I have the time and experience (and not to mention an abundance of enthusiasm!) to help others enjoy this rewarding hobby as well.

Our Flocks - Welcome to Eglu City

In our one acre back field we keep a large free-range flock of hybrid laying hens, and a small Light Sussex breeding flock. Alongside this we have fenced off veg plots that are serviced by good quality dung heaps.... provided by our very own hens. In our mini orchard beside the house there is a poly tunnel and our boarding Eglu on a permanent site set up on rubber chippings. At the front of the house we have a half acre garden and orchard, and this is “Eglu City” – one permanent Eglu on woodchips, along with two other Eglus and a EgluCube which we move around on the grass between the trees. These Eglus house a variety a variety of breeds, so when you come to visit us you will see the different choices you have when buying hens for your own Eglu.

Why We Think Eglus Are The Only Choice

The Eglu housing forms the basis of our Complete Starter Kits and we bought our first Eglu after yet another attack from Fife’s ever present foxes. Mr Fox had been making the occasional daylight strike, but really hit the jackpot when he managed to break into one of our old wooden sheds in the dead of night. Needless to say, restocking was required and to make sure I didn’t have all my hens in one basket (so to speak!) I invested in a foxproof Eglucube for the front garden. I was so impressed with the product I then purchased the smaller Eglus as they were ideal for my interest in different purebreds. The Eglus proved so safe, simple and attractive too, that I was asked to help others set up similar miniflocks in smart foxproof housing .....and so Hens Made Easy was established.

Why Buy From Hens Made Easy

I really like helping people to choose the right package to suit their own situation. It's not just "part of the service" but a pleasure for me to discuss what products you need and what hens you would like, and then arrange for it all to be delivered right to your door. It really is Hens Made Easy! If you have been thinking of keeping hens then let me fix it for you! Just call or email us with your enquiry.