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Medium Chicken Lodge

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Going Green with Green Frog

If you're looking for an alternative to a traditional wooden chicken coop, but one that is also environmentally friendly and not too expensive, then we have just the thing. Green Frog Designs have authorised Hens Made Easy to supply their hen coops which are made from recycled plastic.

You pay no more than their current online prices but you get the benefits of having our ongoing support and advice with your henkeeping.

A Little Bit of Thought

Green Frog have carefully designed their housing to suit both you and your hens. Access to the double nesting box is quick and easy - by removing two quick release pins, you'll be collecting those eggs in an instant. By removing a couple more quick release pins gives you access to your hens via the full width back door.

Cleaning is an important part of keeping your hens happy and healthy, and the design of Green Frog Housing makes this a quick and easy task. The doors have been designed so that they avoid trapping dirt in the door slots. When the door is removed, there is no 'lip' on the floor edge, this, and the fact that the roof removes in seconds, makes regular cleaning a breeze.

To keep your feathered friends cool there are four fully adjustable circular vents which provide plenty of ventilation. Even though the sides are made from black plastic, the house remains surprisingly cool, even in strong, direct summer sunlight.

Say Goodbye to Maintenance and Red Mite

Being plastic, green frog houses require no maintenance and survive the Scottish winters without issue. The use of plastic also reduces the number of crevices in the hen houses, which means fewer places for pesky pests (such as red mite) to hide in. The houses can be thoroughly cleaned with ease in seconds if you have a pressure washer! AND it will dry out very quickly. Carry handles are cut into the roof, making it easy to move if your hens need a new view on the world.

How Many Hens?

There are a range of options available for your new hen house - from 2 hens to 12 hens, once you've started hen keeping and you've collected your first fresh eggs you'll be hooked. Trust me, youe hen house can never be too big! Green Frog make houses, lodges and lofts which are available in various sizes - almost too many options to mention here, but once we've established how many hens you'd like to keep, we can point you in the right direction and talk you through the pros and cons.

Raise the Roof

Both the lodges and the lofts are raised off the ground which gives room underneath for shelter from both the sun and the rain.... ideal when you're in Scotland and can experience 4 seasons all in one day!

The 225mm gap underneath the house gives enough room for most birds and they will naturally scrape out a dust bath here.

Moving Home

If you're moving home the hen houses can be dismantled and rebuilt in your new garden, and this process won't damage your hen house. The hen houses can be set up on grass or rough ground, or you might prefer to have a permanent place in your garden and use wood chippings, or the latest technology - rubber landscape chippings.