What kind of hens do you want to keep?

As there are lots of different ways to cook eggs, it seems only right that there are lots of different hens that produce this versatile food. The breeds we supply are shown below, and remember, you don't have to have all of your hens the same breed - why not mix and match and have 3 different, distinctive hens in your Eglu?

Hybrids - Specially bred laying machines!

If you want to pop out each morning and find eggs freshly laid for your breakfast then these are your best bet. This doesn't mean you have no choices - there are browns such as Isa Brown Warren and Hyline, or black/rhode rocks who are black with gold necks, or how about the special special slate grey Bluebelles

All of these breeds will lay an egg almost every day until the darker nights arrive. The laying restarts again early spring or you can keep them laying with the assistance of some artificial light. They are docile, friendly and hardy birds.

Cost : Browns / Hybrids - From £20 per hen

Pure Breeds - The fancy fowls

Pure breeds are beautiful birds giving you something different to look at (and show off to your visitors!), or maybe you're keen to support a particular rare breed. There are lots of breeds to choice from but availability does vary throughout the year as we hatch our own and also source from smaller, local breeders who are hatching from their flocks in early spring.

Please remember that pure breeds are less hardy than the hybrids and also may not have been vaccinated.

The Light Sussex
  • Has white colouring with a black collar and black tail feathers
  • It lays eggs that are pink/beige and will lay around 260 eggs per year
  • It's one of the best layers in the pure breed category.
  • We also breed our own rarer very attractive Buff Sussex
Light Sussex
The Rhode Island Red
  • Has a copper or darker brown colouring
  • It lays eggs that are reddish brown and will lay around 260 eggs per year
  • Very sturdy bird
  • Another good layer in the pure breed category
  • The Rhode Island Red Bantam Version are excellent layers, and are bred here at South Dron
Rhode Island Red
The Maran
  • Has speckled grey/white colouring
  • It lays eggs that are a lovely dark brown and will lay around 200 eggs per year
  • A sturdy bird that originates from France
  • Adapts well to free ranging in rougher ground
The Welsummer
  • Rustic red and orange in colour
  • It lays eggs that are a dark brown and will lay around 200 eggs per year
  • This breed originates from Welsum in The Netherlands
The Wyandotte
  • Our GoldLaced Wyandottes are stunning.... with great feathers for fly fishing too!
  • Has a laced/pencilled pattern in gold or silver
  • It's quite happy free ranging or being confined to a run
  • It originates from the USA
  • It lays beige coloured eggs and will lay around 200 per year
The Leghorn
  • Can be white or brown in colour
  • Is a good layer and will lay around 240 white eggs per year
  • Rarely exhibit broodiness and therefore give good interrupted laying
The Cream Legbar
  • Are grey speckled with a distinctive crest - a bit like a pompom!
  • Lay distinctive blue eggs and will lay around 200 eggs per year
  • Quite an inquisitive bird
Cream Legbar
The Silkie
  • Recognisable by their fluffy plumage (feels like silk)
  • One of the most docile breeds
  • They are very broody birds, making great mothers
  • Will lay around 150 eggs per year... but might lay a few and then just sit tight on the nest
  • These smaller breeds make ideal garden hens
  • Lay fewer eggs, at around 150 per year, and are a small size egg
  • On the plus side, they don't eat as much as the larger breeds!
  • We can supply Silver-pencilled Wyandottes, Buff Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire Red, Rhode Island Red and very special Orpington bantams hens depending on their availability
We can also supply Indian Game and Araucana

Pure breed prices vary depending on the breed and their availability, but start from £25
  • Why not add some ducks to your garden - ideal for the wetter climate we live in!
  • Various breeds are available, and you don't even need a pond... you can pick up a water trug from us too.
  • We can supply the Green Frog Duck House that is a dream come true when it comes to cleaning!